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Babylonian toinen dynastia - wikipedia

Babylonain Toinen dynastia ei todellakaan vaikuta Mardukin voiton ja Enuma elish eepoksen miljööltä!

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The Sealand Dynasty, (ŠEŠ-KU) or the 2nd Dynasty of Babylon, very speculatively ca. 1732–1460 BC (short chronology), is an enigmatic series of kings attested to primarily in laconic references in the king lists A and B, and as contemporaries recorded on the Assyrian Synchronistic king list A.117.

The dynasty was named for the province in the far south of Babylonia, a swampy region bereft of large settlements which gradually expanded southwards with the silting up of the mouths of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

The kings bore fanciful pseudo-Sumerian names and harked back to the glory days of the dynasty of Isin. The third king of the dynasty was even named for the ultimate king of the dynasty of Isin, Damiq-ilišu.

 Despite these cultural motifs, the population predominantly bore Akkadian names and wrote and spoke in the Akkadian language. There is circumstantial evidence that their rule extended at least briefly to Babylon itself.

The king list references which bear witness to the sequence of Sealand kings are summarized below:
The king list references which bear witness to the sequence of Sealand kings are summarized below:
PositionKing List A[i 1]King List B[i 2]Purported reign[i 1]Contemporary
1Ilima[ii]Ilum-ma-ilī60 yearsSamsu-iluna and Abi-ešuh (Babylon)[i 3]
2IttiliItti-ili-nībī56 years
3DamqiliDamqi-ilišu II36 yearsAdasi (Assyria)[i 4]
4IškiIškibal15 yearsBēlu-bāni (Assyria)[i 4]
5Šušši, brotherŠušši26 yearsLubaia (Assyria)[i 4]
6Gulki…Gulkišar55 yearsŠarma-Adad I (Assyria)[i 4]
6amDIŠ-U-EN[i 4] ?LIK.KUD-Šamaš (Assyria)[i 4]
7Peš-galPešgaldarameš,[nb 1] his son, same50 yearsBazaia (Assyria)[i 4]
8A-a-dàraAyadaragalama,[nb 2] his son, same28 yearsLulla (Assyria)[i 4]
9EkurulAkurduana26 yearsŠu-ninua (Assyria)[i 4]
10MelammaMelamkurkurra7 yearsŠarma-Adad II (Assyria)[i 4]
11EagaEa-gam[il]9 yearsErišum III (Assyria)[i 4]

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