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Genesis 1:7 ja Taulu VII . 115

L.W. King antaa mielenkiintoisen lisätiedon Taulu VII käännöksen nooteissa:

115 This is probably the last line of the tablet.

It may here be noted that, for the text of the Seventh Tablet given in the preceding pages, only those fragments have been used which are proved by the commentaries to contain missing portions of the text.

Several other fragments, which from their contents and style of writing may possibly belong to copies of the text, have not been. included.

The text of one such fragment (S. 2,013) is of peculiar interest and is given in Appendix II; in l. 10 f. it refers to Ti-amat e-li-ti and Ti-amat shap-li-ti, "The Ocean (Tiamat) which is above" and "The Ocean (Tiamat) which is beneath," a close parallel to "the waters which were above the firmament" and "the waters which were under the firmament" of Gen. i, 7; see the Introduction.
King 1902

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